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20-05-19 (14:06)   Rage 2 Tops Out at Number One in the UK's Charts, Defeating Days Gone (DualShockers)
20-05-19 (13:44)   Microsoft-Sony Collaboration Took Place "Largely Without" PlayStation Team's Involvement - Report (GamingBolt)
20-05-19 (13:06)   Red Dead Online is finally moving in the right direction (Eurogamer.net)
20-05-19 (12:30)   Overwatch Anniversary Event Starts May 21st, New D.Va Skin Revealed (GamingBolt)
20-05-19 (12:29)   Release Radar: Our pick of the week's best TV, movies, and games (May 20-26) (GamesRadar)
20-05-19 (11:35)   Rage 2 sales significantly down on original (Eurogamer.net)
20-05-19 (11:30)   Minecraft Has Sold Over 176 Million Units (GamingBolt)
20-05-19 (11:15)   RAGE 2 Guide - All Weapon and Nanotrite Ability Locations (GamingBolt)
20-05-19 (10:15)   RAGE 2 Guide - All Cheat Codes and Wizard Wasteland Locations (GamingBolt)
20-05-19 (10:15)   RAGE 2 Guide - How To Farm Feltrite (GamingBolt)
20-05-19 (09:06)   Bubsy: Paws on Fire review - gaming's neglected bobcat returns as a runner (Eurogamer.net)
20-05-19 (01:10)   Top New Game Releases On Switch, PS4, Xbox One, And PC This Week -- May 19-25 2019 (GameSpot)
19-05-19 (23:43)   The Week In Games: Race Together, Die Alone (Kotaku)
19-05-19 (22:12)   'Overwatch' third anniversary event kicks off May 21st (Engadget)
19-05-19 (20:00)   Daily Deals: Preorder Oculus Quest, KH3 50% Off, Gamestop Store Wide Sale (IGN.com)
19-05-19 (19:15)   Starfield Dialogue Recording Might Be Underway (GamingBolt)
19-05-19 (19:01)   RAGE 2 Guide - Where To Find The BFG 9000? (GamingBolt)
19-05-19 (18:20)   Red Dead Online players find mass grave of dead horses (Eurogamer.net)
19-05-19 (18:15)   Watch Dogs 3 To Be Revealed Before E3, Releasing In November - Rumour (GamingBolt)
19-05-19 (17:49)   Overwatch's Anniversary event returns this week (Eurogamer.net)
19-05-19 (17:44)   Blood and Truth Developer Excited by the PS5's Potential (GamingBolt)
19-05-19 (17:44)   DOOM Eternal Showcases Fiery Art Design With New Concept Art (GamingBolt)
19-05-19 (17:44)   Cyberpunk 2077 Development Has Been "Rocky", As Per New Report (GamingBolt)
19-05-19 (17:15)   Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Performance Capture Wraps Up, Cameron Monaghan Shares Behind-the-Scenes Footage (GamingBolt)
19-05-19 (17:15)   Cyberpunk 2077 Developer Looking To Enact New Crunch Policies And "Treat Developers With Respect" (GamingBolt)
19-05-19 (17:15)   Final Fantasy 7 Remake Gameplay Demo Might Be Shown Off Soon (GamingBolt)
19-05-19 (17:15)   Call of Duty 2020 Will Be Developed By Treyarch Instead of Sledgehammer - Report (GamingBolt)
19-05-19 (16:20)   Respawn's next Apex Legends patch focuses on audio, Intel CPU crashes, and hit registration (again) (Eurogamer.net)
19-05-19 (15:29)   Console Players Can't Beat The Division 2's Raid [Update: They've Done It!] (Kotaku)
19-05-19 (15:00)   Console Players Finally Beat The Division 2's Raid (Kotaku)
19-05-19 (14:44)   Death Stranding - Rez Creator Praises Latest Build, "It is Great" (GamingBolt)
19-05-19 (12:49)   Minecraft might be the biggest-selling video game of all time now (Eurogamer.net)
19-05-19 (06:40)   Video: Can Team Sonic Racing On Switch Keep Pace With The PlayStation 4 Version? (Nintendo Life)
19-05-19 (03:43)   Every Ark Location, Nanotrite Ability, and Weapon in Rage 2 (IGN.com)
18-05-19 (21:37)   Call of Duty 2020 Reported to be Black Ops 5 Developed by Treyarch (DualShockers)
18-05-19 (20:14)   Overwatch: 3-Year Anniversary Celebration Announced (IGN.com)
18-05-19 (19:15)   The Microsoft and Sony Collaboration Has Many Important Implications For The Future Of Gaming (GamingBolt)
18-05-19 (18:37)   Disgaea RPG Studio Nippon Ichi in Financial Trouble, Withholding Salaries From Employees (DualShockers)
18-05-19 (18:23)   Squall Is Getting His Kingdom Hearts Costume in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT (DualShockers)
18-05-19 (17:23)   AI: The Somnium Files Has Been Delayed to September for North America (DualShockers)
18-05-19 (17:20)   Unity pulls tweet and blog post as gambling support is called "unethical" (Eurogamer.net)
18-05-19 (16:23)   Castlevania Anniversary Collection to Add Japanese Title Versions as Free Update (DualShockers)
18-05-19 (15:14)   The 25 Best PS4 Games - Spring Update 2019 (IGN.com)
18-05-19 (15:06)   Console players have yet to defeat The Division 2's first raid - and now the community wants Ubisoft to step in (Eurogamer.net)
18-05-19 (13:20)   Mortal Kombat 11 PC to get 60fps option for certain parts of the game (Eurogamer.net)
18-05-19 (13:06)   Rage 2 tech analysis: is 1080p60 the best use for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro? (Eurogamer.net)
18-05-19 (12:06)   Predator VR pops up for PSVR (Eurogamer.net)
18-05-19 (11:35)   Final Fantasy 7 patch fixes long-running music bug (Eurogamer.net)
18-05-19 (09:06)   Where video games and ASMR converge (Eurogamer.net)
18-05-19 (02:43)   Infamous Game of Thrones Starbucks Cup Shows Up in Skyrim (IGN.com)
18-05-19 (00:30)   Xbox Division Head Phil Spencer Comments On Sony/Microsoft Collaboration (GamingBolt)
17-05-19 (23:43)   Rage 2: How to Get the Icarus Hovercraft (IGN.com)
17-05-19 (23:37)   Descend Developers Pledge to Continue Development After Kickstarter Campaign Fails (DualShockers)
17-05-19 (23:06)   Minecraft Has Surpassed 176 Million Copies Sold Worldwide (DualShockers)
17-05-19 (22:43)   Battlefield V's New 'Fortress' Mode Is Just The Bloodbath It Needed (Kotaku)
17-05-19 (22:37)   CD Projekt Red Promises to Improve the Work-Life Balance of Cyberpunk 2077 Developers (DualShockers)
17-05-19 (22:35)   Warframe's big Gas City remaster update is out next week on PC, consoles "soon" (Eurogamer.net)
17-05-19 (22:15)   Judgment Gets Two New Videos Introducing Major Characters With Their English Voice Actors (GamingBolt)
17-05-19 (22:14)   The New Castlevania Collection Is A Bloody Good Time (Kotaku)
17-05-19 (21:53)   Metagal review for PS Vita, PS4, Xbox One, Switch (Gaming Age Online)
17-05-19 (21:44)   The Sinking City Shows Off Its "Deadly Fashion" In New Trailer (GamingBolt)
17-05-19 (21:29)   35 Games Are Already Confirmed for E3 (IGN.com)
17-05-19 (21:14)   Team Sonic Racing: The Kotaku Review (Kotaku)
17-05-19 (21:01)   The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan Gets 11 Minute Gameplay Preview (GamingBolt)
17-05-19 (20:43)   Destiny 2 Is Nerfing the Best Weapon in the Game (Whisper of the Worm) (IGN.com)
17-05-19 (20:14)   Rage 2: The Kotaku Review (Kotaku)
17-05-19 (20:06)   Minecraft's annual MineCon livestream event gets a September airdate (Eurogamer.net)
17-05-19 (19:44)   Team Sonic Racing Speeds In With Launch Trailer (GamingBolt)
17-05-19 (19:37)   Rez Creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi is the Latest Developer to Have Seen Death Stranding (DualShockers)
17-05-19 (19:30)   THQ Nordic Will Have Two Unannounced Games For 'Beloved Franchises' At E3 (GamingBolt)
17-05-19 (19:06)   Kingdom Hearts 3 Takes The Series Back More Than Forward (DualShockers)
17-05-19 (18:37)   Persona 5 Royal New Gameplay Shows the Phantom Thieves Hanging Out On New Years (DualShockers)
17-05-19 (18:20)   Dead Cells' big free Rise of the Giant DLC update is heading to Switch next week (Eurogamer.net)
17-05-19 (18:09)   New Adapter Will Let You Use Switch Controllers With Your PS4 And Vice Versa (Nintendo Life)
17-05-19 (18:06)   Sniper Elite V2 Remastered: The Process of Bringing Back a Fan Favorite (DualShockers)
17-05-19 (18:01)   Days Gone Patch 1.08 Fixes Mission Bugs and Audio Issues (GamingBolt)
17-05-19 (17:52)   Jinrui no Minasama e Producer: "Yuri Level is Higher Than Kinmoza, Lesser Than Citrus" (DualShockers)
17-05-19 (17:30)   Dying Light 2 Has "Several Games Worth of Content" (GamingBolt)
17-05-19 (17:14)   Team Sonic Racing Is 18% Off Right Now: PS4, Xbox One, Switch Preorders (IGN.com)
17-05-19 (17:06)   Bubsy: Paws on Fire! Review - Eat Your Heart Out, Sonic Mania (DualShockers)
17-05-19 (16:58)   What gaming tech do you miss? (GamesRadar)
17-05-19 (16:58)   Skate 4: E3 2019 rumours, and everything else we know about the MIA sequel (GamesRadar)
17-05-19 (16:29)   Every free PS4 game that's worth downloading and playing right now (GamesRadar)
17-05-19 (16:14)   Amazon Black Friday 2019: What Deals To Expect (IGN.com)
17-05-19 (15:42)   Nintendo Switch overtakes PlayStation 4 lifetime sales in Japan (Pocket Gamer.biz)
17-05-19 (15:30)   Pathologic 2 Gameplay Trailer Discusses Choices, Death and Story (GamingBolt)
17-05-19 (15:15)   Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition is Free on Humble Store (GamingBolt)
17-05-19 (15:06)   Team Sonic Racing review - a smart spin on the character kart formula (Eurogamer.net)
17-05-19 (15:06)   Team Sonic Racing Review - Teamwork Makes the Dream Work (DualShockers)
17-05-19 (15:01)   Lords of the Fallen 2 Loses Another Developer (GamingBolt)
17-05-19 (13:52)   Granblue Fantasy Versus Gets New Gameplay with Daigo Vs Fuudo Showcase (DualShockers)
17-05-19 (13:30)   Capcom Has Several Games In Development Using RE Engine, Will Contribute To Next-Gen Development (GamingBolt)
17-05-19 (13:29)   Blood and Truth had an SAS consultant, is inspired by John Wick and Die Hard, and you aren't ready for it (GamesRadar)
17-05-19 (13:01)   The Division 2's First Raid Doesn't Have Matchmaking Because It "Requires Great Teamwork" (GamingBolt)
17-05-19 (13:01)   Activision Won't Have Show Floor Booth at E3 2019 (GamingBolt)
17-05-19 (12:06)   Lords of the Fallen 2 ditches developer and hits the ropes again (Eurogamer.net)
17-05-19 (12:01)   The Division 2 - Operation Dark Hours Raid is Live (GamingBolt)
17-05-19 (11:01)   Destiny 2 Season of Opulence Nerfs Include Ace of Spades, Whisper of the Worm and More (GamingBolt)
17-05-19 (09:06)   Rage 2 review - sparkling combat is let down by a hollow open world (Eurogamer.net)
17-05-19 (06:01)   Red Dead Redemption 2 Title Update Fixes HDR, Adds Calibration Menu (GamingBolt)
17-05-19 (05:41)   See How They Made The Music For PS4's Days Gone (GameSpot)
17-05-19 (01:55)   PS3/PS4 Exclusives Heavy Rain, Beyond, And Detroit Get PC Release Dates (GameSpot)
17-05-19 (01:37)   Metro Exodus Expansion Pass Content Revealed (DualShockers)
17-05-19 (00:29)   Division 2 Players Beat Game's First Raid In Five Grueling Hours (Kotaku)
17-05-19 (00:20)   Metro Exodus is getting two DLC expansions, starting this summer (Eurogamer.net)
16-05-19 (23:29)   WILL: A Wonderful World: The Kotaku Review (Kotaku)
16-05-19 (23:07)   Darkwood review for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch (Gaming Age Online)
16-05-19 (22:53)   The best deals on Xbox One and PS4 for the week ending May 19 (Syfy Wire)
16-05-19 (22:44)   Microsoft And Sony Announce Collaboration On Cloud-based Gaming and AI (GamingBolt)
16-05-19 (22:35)   Microsoft and Sony collaborating on "cloud-based solutions for gaming experiences and content-streaming" (Eurogamer.net)
16-05-19 (22:29)   Overwatch League's Geguri Named a Time's 2019 Next Generation Leader (IGN.com)
16-05-19 (22:24)   Nintendo Switch Has Sold More Than PS4 In Japan - GS News Update (GameSpot)
16-05-19 (21:55)   PS4 Shooter Removes Mandatory VR Requirement Through Update (GameSpot)
16-05-19 (21:44)   Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 Gets Pretty With The Toreador Clan (GamingBolt)
16-05-19 (21:18)   What Microsoft and Sony's streaming partnership means for gaming's future (Ars Technica)
16-05-19 (21:01)   Toki Remake Comes To PS4, Xbox One And PC June 6th (GamingBolt)
16-05-19 (21:01)   Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince Gets Details About Game Length, Difficulty And Much More (GamingBolt)
16-05-19 (21:00)   Daily Deals: New Infinity Gauntlet, Borderlands 3, and Sega Genesis Mini (IGN.com)
16-05-19 (20:44)   Rainbow Six Siege Tops $1 Billion in Sales, Sees Huge Player Increase (GamingBolt)
16-05-19 (20:37)   E3 2019 Floor Plans Officially Released; Shows Booth Locations and More (DualShockers)
16-05-19 (20:37)   Pathologic 2 Trailer Reveals What You'll be Doing to Fight Off The Approaching Plague (DualShockers)
16-05-19 (20:23)   Sony and Microsoft Announce Surprising Partnership with Game Streaming and Cloud Services (DualShockers)
16-05-19 (20:15)   Metro Exodus First Expansion Will Come Summer 2019, Second In Early 2020 (GamingBolt)
16-05-19 (20:00)   Sony, Microsoft Partnering to Improve Cloud Gaming (IGN.com)
16-05-19 (19:37)   id Software Director Says He Wants to Make Rage 3 "As Soon as Possible" (DualShockers)
16-05-19 (19:30)   Olympic Games Tokyo 2020's New Screenshots Show Off Athlete Customization (GamingBolt)
16-05-19 (19:15)   A Plague Tale: Innocence Graphics Analysis - One of the Best Looking Games of This Gen? (GamingBolt)
16-05-19 (19:01)   Fortnite's New Limited Time Mode is All About John Wick (GamingBolt)
16-05-19 (19:00)   GTA Online Offers 25% Bonus This Week for Import/Export Sell Missions (IGN.com)
16-05-19 (18:44)   Follia - Dear Father Gets Gruesome Announce Trailer (GamingBolt)
16-05-19 (18:23)   Chris Avellone Would Like to Write for The Witcher and Overwatch (DualShockers)
16-05-19 (18:12)   PS5 backwards compatibility spells bad news for the remaster as we know it (GamesRadar)
16-05-19 (18:06)   Fortnite Officially Adds John Wick for New Crossover Event (DualShockers)
16-05-19 (17:41)   Nintendo Switch Surpasses PS4 Lifetime Sales In Japan (GameSpot)
16-05-19 (17:29)   The best city building games you can play right now (GamesRadar)
16-05-19 (17:23)   Rage 2 Review - Definitely Not Time To Party Hard (DualShockers)
16-05-19 (17:15)   Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Will Have As Much Content As the Base Game (GamingBolt)
16-05-19 (17:01)   A Plague Tale: Innocence - Sean Bean Performs "The Little Boy Lost" In New Trailer (GamingBolt)
16-05-19 (16:44)   Far Cry 5 is Ubisoft's Best Selling Current Gen Title (GamingBolt)
16-05-19 (16:29)   Team Sonic Racing Preorders Are 18% Off Right Now (PS4, Xbox One, Switch) (IGN.com)
16-05-19 (16:24)   SNK 40th Anniversary Collection review for Xbox One, PS4, Switch (Gaming Age Online)
16-05-19 (16:00)   Fornite X John Wick Crossover Adds Keanu Reeves to the Battle Royale (IGN.com)
16-05-19 (15:52)   Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories Is Coming to Switch (DualShockers)
16-05-19 (15:20)   Fortnite's John Wick mode live now (Eurogamer.net)
16-05-19 (15:09)   Fishing Sim World to get free Pro Tour update on Xbox One, PS4 and PC (TheXboxHub)
16-05-19 (14:44)   Warsaw Interview - Join the Uprising (GamingBolt)
16-05-19 (13:44)   RAGE 2 Developers Want To Make A Sequel "As Soon As Possible" (GamingBolt)
16-05-19 (13:01)   Days Gone Continues To Lead Japanese Sales Charts (GamingBolt)
16-05-19 (12:06)   Sean Bean Reads You A Poem in the Latest A Plague Tale: Innocence Trailer (DualShockers)
16-05-19 (10:44)   The Division 2 - Uplay Sales Increase Ten-Fold Over First Game (GamingBolt)
16-05-19 (10:23)   Castlevania Anniversary Collection now available on Xbox One, PS4, Steam and Nintendo Switch (TheXboxHub)
16-05-19 (08:44)   Skull and Bones Delayed, Skipping E3 2019 (GamingBolt)
16-05-19 (08:24)   Nintendo Switch Surpasses PlayStation 4 Lifetime Sales In Japan (GameSpot)
16-05-19 (04:00)   Skull & Bones Won't Be at E3 (IGN.com)
16-05-19 (02:10)   The Division 2 Sales Fail To Meet Ubisoft's Targets On PS4 And Xbox One (GameSpot)
16-05-19 (01:00)   How PlayStation Can Have an E3 Presence Without Being There (IGN.com)
16-05-19 (00:37)   Vampire: The Masquerade Is Getting Another Game in Its Universe (DualShockers)
16-05-19 (00:01)   Telltale's Closure Gets Detailed By Former Employees In New Documentary (GamingBolt)
15-05-19 (23:14)   Marvel Comics Continues the Story of Insomniac's Spider-Man Game (IGN.com)
15-05-19 (23:00)   I'm Still Never Sure When My PS4 Will Automatically Update A Game (Kotaku)
15-05-19 (22:58)   Ubisoft delays 'Skull and Bones' until at least mid-2020 (Engadget)
15-05-19 (22:23)   Moss is Getting a New Expansion Called Twilight Garden Starting Later this Month (DualShockers)
15-05-19 (22:15)   Ubisoft Has Three Unannounced AAA Games To Release By March 2020 (GamingBolt)
15-05-19 (22:14)   Check Out Every Ark Location and Reward in Rage 2 (IGN.com)
15-05-19 (22:12)   Skull and Bones: Ubisoft's salty online adventure is delayed again (GamesRadar)
15-05-19 (22:07)   Where the Bees Make Honey review for PS4, Xbox One (Gaming Age Online)
15-05-19 (21:30)   Fortnite's John Wick Event Details Leaked (GamingBolt)
15-05-19 (21:24)   Free PS Plus Bonus Out Now For Apex Legends On PS4 (GameSpot)
15-05-19 (21:01)   Samurai Shodown Trailer Shows Off Haohmaru (GamingBolt)
15-05-19 (21:01)   Control's Expansions Won't Be PS4 Exclusive For Long, Developer Says (GamingBolt)
15-05-19 (20:43)   Rage 2: Find Arks, Wasteland Wizards, and More With Our Interactive Map (IGN.com)
15-05-19 (20:43)   Daily Deals: Avengers Endgame Gauntlet, LEGO Stranger Things Set (IGN.com)
15-05-19 (20:41)   Hundreds Of PS4 Games And DLC Discounted In New PSN Sale (US) (GameSpot)
15-05-19 (20:01)   Bigben Interactive Hopes to be Biggest Midrange Publisher in the Industry (GamingBolt)
15-05-19 (19:43)   Ubisoft Planning Four AAA Releases Through March 2020 (IGN.com)
15-05-19 (19:37)   Far Cry 5 is the Best Selling Ubisoft Game of this Console Generation (DualShockers)
15-05-19 (19:15)   God Eater 3 Has More Updates Planned, Switch Version to Get Demo (GamingBolt)
15-05-19 (19:15)   RAGE 2 Graphics Deep Dive - The Best Looking Open World Shooter This Gen? (GamingBolt)
15-05-19 (19:06)   Ubisoft Has Three Unannounced AAA Games Set to Arrive Before End of Current Fiscal Year (DualShockers)
15-05-19 (19:00)   Rainbow Six Siege Teases New Invisible Operator (IGN.com)
15-05-19 (18:52)   Skull & Bones Has Been Delayed, Won't Appear at E3 2019 (DualShockers)
15-05-19 (18:49)   Ubisoft's open-world pirate adventure Skull & Bones has been delayed again (Eurogamer.net)
15-05-19 (18:29)   The Last of Us Part II Is Entering Final Stages of Development (IGN.com)
15-05-19 (18:29)   The Division 2's First Raid Won't Have Matchmaking, Even Though Ubisoft Implied It Would (Kotaku)
15-05-19 (17:44)   Red Dead Online is Free on PS4 Till May 27th (GamingBolt)
15-05-19 (17:37)   Switch Lifetime Sales Have Now Passed PS4 in Japan (DualShockers)
15-05-19 (17:33)   You Can Preorder Two New PlayStation VR Bundles at Walmart (Popular Mechanics)
15-05-19 (17:30)   A Plague Tale: Innocence Developers Have No Plans For Sequels or DLC (GamingBolt)
15-05-19 (17:23)   Samurai Shodown Classic Fighters Haohmaru and Genjuro Get Character Trailers (DualShockers)
15-05-19 (17:15)   Nintendo Switch sales pass PS4 in Japan (GamesIndusty.biz)
15-05-19 (17:14)   Switch Outsells PS4 In Japan Despite Launching Three Years Later (Kotaku)
15-05-19 (17:01)   Nintendo Switch Overtakes PS4 Lifetime Sales In Japan (GamingBolt)
15-05-19 (16:58)   New Content Hitting in June for Moss (Hardcore Gamer)
15-05-19 (16:40)   Nintendo Switch Overtakes PS4's Lifetime Sales In Japan (Nintendo Life)
15-05-19 (16:30)   The Division 2's First Raid Won't Have Matchmaking (GamingBolt)
15-05-19 (16:28)   Nintendo Switch lifetime sales outstripping the PS4 in Japan (Gamasutra)
15-05-19 (16:10)   Red Dead Online Available To PS4 Players Without PS Plus Right Now (GameSpot)
15-05-19 (15:38)   Shakedown: Hawaii review for PS4, PS Vita, Switch (Gaming Age Online)
15-05-19 (15:29)   Skate 4 could be EA's next live-service success story (GamesRadar)
15-05-19 (15:14)   Astro C40 TR Controller Review (PS4 and PC): Almost Perfect (WIRED)
15-05-19 (15:06)   Assassin's Creed Odyssey's 'best' ending is its weakest (Eurogamer.net)
15-05-19 (15:06)   Days Gone, The Division 2 and Anthem drop to their lowest prices so far (Eurogamer.net)
15-05-19 (14:09)   Follia - Dear Father to bring survival horror to Xbox One, PS4, PC and VR this fall (TheXboxHub)
15-05-19 (14:00)   UK Daily Deals: Save 14% off Dell G7 17 with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070, Preorder OnePlus 7 Pro from 649 (IGN.com)
15-05-19 (13:58)   How to build a great Call of Duty multiplayer map, according to the players that know the game best (GamesRadar)
15-05-19 (13:43)   Best video game art books available now (GamesRadar)
15-05-19 (13:15)   Wasteland 3 Won't Be Epic Games Store Exclusive, Development Update Coming At E3 (GamingBolt)
15-05-19 (13:12)   Best racing wheels for 2019 (GamesRadar)
15-05-19 (12:29)   The best PSN games for under $10 (GamesRadar)
15-05-19 (12:15)   Wolfenstein Developer MachineGames Is "Actively Working At Eliminating Crunch" (GamingBolt)
15-05-19 (12:06)   Fortnite's John Wick skin and LTM details leaked early (Eurogamer.net)
15-05-19 (12:01)   Ghost Recon Breakpoint's Newest Trailer Talks About the Global Threat of Lethal AI Weaponry (GamingBolt)
15-05-19 (11:58)   Best PS Plus deals of 2019 (GamesRadar)
15-05-19 (10:01)   RAGE 2 Guide - 15 Basic Tips And Tricks To Keep In Mind While Playing (GamingBolt)
15-05-19 (08:09)   Devious Dungeon 2 brings more medieval platforming to Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch (TheXboxHub)
15-05-19 (03:15)   Stellaris: Ancient Relics Announced, Brings Minor Artifacts and Relic Worlds (GamingBolt)
15-05-19 (03:00)   E3 2019 Games List Grows With 6 New Games (IGN.com)
15-05-19 (02:44)   Red Dead Online Exits Beta, Adds New Missions and Activities (GamingBolt)
15-05-19 (01:43)   Best Overwatch Workshop codes: Our favorite new ways to play on the PTR so far (GamesRadar)
15-05-19 (01:37)   The Last of Us Part II Designer Joins Xbox Game Studios Developer The Initiative (DualShockers)
15-05-19 (00:49)   Ubisoft creative director appears to confirm new Splinter Cell in random tweet (Eurogamer.net)
15-05-19 (00:43)   The Division 2 Adds Two Short Missions For People Who Don't Play For The Loot Grind (Kotaku)
15-05-19 (00:23)   New Splinter Cell Game Supposedly Revealed on Twitter by Ubisoft Developer, But It Was Just a Practical Joke (DualShockers)
15-05-19 (00:00)   Ubisoft Says Tweets About New Splinter Cell Are 'Joking' (IGN.com)
14-05-19 (23:43)   Sniper Elite V2 Doesn't Hold Up, Even In Pretty Remaster Form (Kotaku)
14-05-19 (23:14)   How Monster Hunter World Became Capcom's Greatest Success (Kotaku)
14-05-19 (22:30)   Samurai Shodown's Genjuro Hits Hard in New Trailer (GamingBolt)
14-05-19 (22:23)   Project Prelude Rune Officially Cancelled by Square Enix; Studio Istolia Closes Down (DualShockers)
14-05-19 (22:15)   Vampire: The Masquerade To Get New RPG Title Developed by Big Bad Wolf (GamingBolt)
14-05-19 (22:01)   Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince's Behind The Scenes Video Promises Return to Form (GamingBolt)
14-05-19 (20:15)   Sniper Elite V2 Remastered Interview - Ready, Aim, Fire (GamingBolt)
14-05-19 (20:00)   Netflix Will Host an E3 Panel About Turning Its Original Content Into Games (IGN.com)
14-05-19 (19:52)   The Last of Us Part II Seems to be Nearing the End of Development According to Co-Director (DualShockers)
14-05-19 (19:49)   Adorable VR mouse adventure Moss is getting a free DLC chapter next week (Eurogamer.net)
14-05-19 (19:44)   Netflix Will Host a Panel at E3 Coliseum 2019 (GamingBolt)
14-05-19 (19:30)   Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered Potentially Leaked - Rumor (GamingBolt)
14-05-19 (19:29)   Win a PS4 Pro and Rage 2 Bundle (IGN.com)
14-05-19 (19:15)   Samurai Shodown Releasing June 25th on PS4 and Xbox One in the West, New 101 Trailer Details Dojo Mode (GamingBolt)
14-05-19 (19:15)   WWE 2K Developer Yuke's Wants to Create a Wrestling Game to Rival Their Own Series (GamingBolt)
14-05-19 (19:10)   'Darkwood' Gets Eery New Trailer for Console Launch (Variety)
14-05-19 (19:06)   How Google Stadia Made Me Reflect on My Physical Gaming Space (DualShockers)
14-05-19 (19:05)   Samurai Shodown Has A PS4 And Xbox One Release Date (GameInformer.com)
14-05-19 (18:58)   The Surge 2: Hands-on with the Soulsborne trying to carve out its own legacy (GamesRadar)
14-05-19 (18:41)   Free Monster Hunter-Like RPG Dauntless Gets PS4 / Xbox One / PC Release Date (GameSpot)
14-05-19 (18:35)   Red Dead Online marks end of beta with poker and gold for all (Eurogamer.net)
14-05-19 (18:14)   Ghost Recon Breakpoint Has an Online Social Hub (IGN.com)
14-05-19 (18:12)   Best PS4 steering wheels for 2019 (GamesRadar)
14-05-19 (18:06)   Star Trek Online: Rise of Discovery Details Contents and Console Release Date Alongside PC Launch (DualShockers)
14-05-19 (17:58)   Grab a PS4 controller cheap for 2019 (GamesRadar)
14-05-19 (17:55)   PS4 Owners Can Play Red Dead Online Without PS Plus Right Now (GameSpot)
14-05-19 (17:44)   Red Dead Online Performing Better than GTA Online Launch Aligned, Coming Out of Beta by June End (GamingBolt)
14-05-19 (17:23)   NieR Automata Celebrates Its 4 Million Copies Sold with a Brand New Video (DualShockers)
14-05-19 (17:15)   Next Gen Technology Won't Be Disruptive For Development, Says Take-Two CEO (GamingBolt)
14-05-19 (17:07)   Crossovers by POWGI review for PS Vita, PS4, Switch (Gaming Age Online)
14-05-19 (17:06)   Darkwood Launch Trailer Out Now Alongside PS4 Release (DualShockers)
14-05-19 (17:06)   The Walking Dead: Onslaught Aims to Bring the AMC Series to VR (DualShockers)
14-05-19 (17:01)   The Division 2 Title Update 3 Now Available, Operation Dark Hours Dated (GamingBolt)
14-05-19 (16:55)   Top New Games Out On Switch, PS4, Xbox One, And PC This Week -- May 12-18 2019 (GameSpot)
14-05-19 (16:52)   Stellaris: Ancient Relics Lets Players Dig Into the History of the Old Worlds (DualShockers)
14-05-19 (16:23)   Metal Gear Solid Created Entirely in Dreams and It Looks Amazing (DualShockers)
14-05-19 (16:23)   Red Dead Online Gets a Major Update with New Co-op Missions, Activities, Poker, and More (DualShockers)
14-05-19 (16:14)   Red Dead Online Gets Its Biggest Update Yet (IGN.com)
14-05-19 (16:06)   Omega Labyrinth Life Gets a Cheaper PS4 Version "To Play in Front of Your Parents" (DualShockers)
14-05-19 (15:29)   Rage 2 Is Out, Get It Now for Just $49.94 (PS4, XBO, PC) (IGN.com)
14-05-19 (15:20)   Borderlands 2 current player numbers suggest Borderlands 3 is going to be huge (Eurogamer.net)
14-05-19 (15:15)   NieR: Automata Exceeds 4 Million Shipments and Digital Sales (GamingBolt)
14-05-19 (15:06)   Samurai Shodown is Now Releasing for PS4 and Xbox One June 25, Dojo Mode Unveiled (DualShockers)
14-05-19 (14:29)   Omega Labyrinth Life Toned Down For PS4, But Not For Nintendo Switch (Kotaku)
14-05-19 (14:23)   MXGP 2019 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC detailed and dated by Milestone (TheXboxHub)
14-05-19 (13:43)   Rage 2: Get it on PS4, Xbox One and PC for the Cheapest Price Here (IGN.com)
14-05-19 (13:30)   Borderlands Series Has Sold-In Over 43 Million Units (GamingBolt)
14-05-19 (12:58)   Our best HDD for PS4 and Xbox One - the 4TB WD My Passport - is 42% cheaper right now (GamesRadar)
14-05-19 (12:44)   EA Play Livestreams Taking Place on June 8th Only (GamingBolt)
14-05-19 (12:44)   Grand Theft Auto 5 Crosses 110 Million Shipments Worldwide, Red Dead Redemption 2 At 24 Million (GamingBolt)
14-05-19 (12:43)   PS5 might be getting wishlist, gifting, and timelog stats if this PS4 UI rumour is true (GamesRadar)
14-05-19 (12:20)   FIFA 19 gets a unique War Child FC kit in-game (Eurogamer.net)
14-05-19 (12:06)   Red Dead Online "performing better" than GTA Online at same stage, Take-Two says (Eurogamer.net)
14-05-19 (11:35)   Rage 2 is down to 35 for today only on console (Eurogamer.net)
14-05-19 (11:20)   It looks like the Mortal Kombat movie reboot is actually happening (Eurogamer.net)
14-05-19 (11:15)   Mortal Kombat 11 Guide - How To Open Shang Tsung's Throne Room (GamingBolt)
14-05-19 (10:49)   Starbreeze sells subsidiary to Rockstar as its battle for survival continues (Eurogamer.net)
14-05-19 (10:44)   Mortal Kombat 11 - Idle Progression In A Krypt-astic World (GamingBolt)
14-05-19 (10:44)   Sniper Elite V2 Remastered Has 4K And 60 FPS Options On PS4 Pro And Xbox One X, Dynamic Resolution Scaling on Switch (GamingBolt)
14-05-19 (10:30)   Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Wiki - Everything You Need To Know About The Game (GamingBolt)
14-05-19 (10:01)   RAGE 2 Review - Walker, Wasteland Ranger (GamingBolt)
14-05-19 (09:06)   Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle Interview - Producer Hideo Suzuki Discusses New Content, Project Timing, and More (DualShockers)
14-05-19 (08:09)   A Plague Tale: Innocence brings Black Death to Xbox One, PS4 and PC (TheXboxHub)
14-05-19 (08:09)   Change history once more as Sniper Elite V2 Remastered launches on Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC (TheXboxHub)
14-05-19 (07:54)   Shoot anything and explode everything as RAGE 2 blasts on to Xbox One, PS4 and PC (TheXboxHub)
14-05-19 (05:52)   Take a Look Behind Trine 4 in a New "Making Of" Video (DualShockers)
14-05-19 (02:35)   Ghostbusters: The Video Game remaster listed by Taiwanese ratings board (Eurogamer.net)
14-05-19 (01:37)   Ex-Infinity Ward Creative Strategist Possibly Hints at Modern Warfare 2 Remastered (DualShockers)
14-05-19 (01:15)   A Plague Tale: Innocence Review - A Game of Light and Shadow (GamingBolt)
14-05-19 (01:14)   Surviving Rat-Infested France During The Black Plague (Kotaku)
14-05-19 (01:06)   A Plague Tale: Innocence review - dull stealth almost spoils a tender and ravishing apocalyptic fable (Eurogamer.net)
14-05-19 (01:06)   A Plague Tale: Innocence Review - What Started With Rats, Ends With Monsters (DualShockers)
13-05-19 (23:52)   Grand Theft Auto 5 Has Now Shipped 110 Million Copies as Red Dead Redemption 2 Passes 24 Million (DualShockers)
13-05-19 (23:29)   In Resident Evil 7, Monster Hunter World, and now Devil May Cry 5, Capcom has shown the benefits of staying true to your roots (GamesRadar)
13-05-19 (22:49)   Free-to-play Monster-Hunter-like Dauntless gets full launch next week (Eurogamer.net)
13-05-19 (22:23)   Starbreeze Says It Doesn't Have the Money to Continue Operating Over the Next Year (DualShockers)
13-05-19 (22:23)   Get a Deeper Look at the Warhammer: Chaosbane Bestiary in Latest Video From Bigben Interactive (DualShockers)
13-05-19 (22:10)   Dauntless Gets A Release Date On PS4/Xbox One/PC - GS News Update (GameSpot)
13-05-19 (22:01)   Wolfenstein Developers MachineGames Would Love to Tackle Quake (GamingBolt)
13-05-19 (21:43)   Shadow Of The Tomb Raider's Piecemeal Season Pass Ultimately Improved The Game (Kotaku)
13-05-19 (21:14)   Hideo Kojima Keeps Teasing a New Death Stranding Trailer (IGN.com)
13-05-19 (21:12)   Call of Duty pros tell us how the casual crowd can get into competitive COD (GamesRadar)
13-05-19 (20:43)   Days Gone's Best Twist Is At The End Of Its Worst Storyline (Kotaku)
13-05-19 (20:30)   The Good Life Director SWERY Talks Current Japanese Game Industry Revival (GamingBolt)
13-05-19 (20:30)   Battlefield 5 and A Way Out Coming to EA Access (GamingBolt)
13-05-19 (20:29)   Daily Deals: Preorder Pokemon Sword or Shield, Get $10 Amazon Credit (IGN.com)
13-05-19 (20:01)   Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 Looking Likelier As Infinity Ward Rehires Former Modern Warfare Devs (GamingBolt)
13-05-19 (20:01)   Dauntless Releases on May 21st for Xbox One, PS4 and Epic Games Store (GamingBolt)
13-05-19 (20:01)   Saints Row Announcement Possibly Being Teased by Deep Silver (GamingBolt)
13-05-19 (19:41)   Free Monster Hunter-Like Game Dauntless Gets PS4 / Xbox One / PC Release Date (GameSpot)
13-05-19 (19:15)   Monster Hunter World Gets Free Trial on PS4 Until May 20th (GamingBolt)
13-05-19 (19:15)   Sniper Elite V2 Remastered Review - ReMEHstered (GamingBolt)
13-05-19 (19:15)   Days Gone Tops UK Charts for Third Week (GamingBolt)
13-05-19 (19:13)   MMORPG Caravan Stories Heads to North America for PlayStation 4 Open Beta (Hardcore Gamer)
13-05-19 (19:06)   Dauntless Is Launching for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on May 21 (DualShockers)
13-05-19 (19:01)   Assassin's Creed Odyssey's May Update Includes New Quest, Herakles and More (GamingBolt)
13-05-19 (18:23)   Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered Appears on Ratings Website (DualShockers)
13-05-19 (18:20)   Metal Gear Solid remade in Dreams looks surprisingly authentic (Eurogamer.net)
13-05-19 (18:14)   Monster Hunter World Helped Dauntless Grow (IGN.com)
13-05-19 (18:14)   Dauntless PS4, Xbox One Release Date Announced (IGN.com)
13-05-19 (17:43)   We're Streaming Rage 2 Today (IGN.com)
13-05-19 (17:24)   Top New Games Releasing On Switch, PS4, Xbox One, And PC This Week -- May 12-18 2019 (GameSpot)
13-05-19 (17:23)   Oddworld: Soulstorm Finally Shows Off Gameplay in New Teaser Trailer and Screenshots (DualShockers)
13-05-19 (17:23)   When to Expect Our Rage 2 Review (DualShockers)
13-05-19 (16:52)   WWE 2K Developer Yuke's Creating New Wrestling IP to Compete with Themselves (DualShockers)
13-05-19 (16:37)   Days Gone Claims Top Position on UK Sales Chart for Third Straight Week (DualShockers)
13-05-19 (16:20)   Oddworld: Soulstorm - the quintology is back on (Eurogamer.net)
13-05-19 (16:14)   Oddworld: Soulstorm Preview - The Oddworld Quintology Lives and It's Prettier Than Ever (IGN.com)
13-05-19 (16:06)   Sniper Elite V2 Remastered Review - Shoot Hitler's Balls on the Go (DualShockers)
13-05-19 (15:55)   PSN Flash Sale Ends Soon: See The Best PS4 Game Deals (GameSpot)
13-05-19 (15:52)   Project Prelude Rune Possibly Cancelled as Official Site, Social Media Accounts Become Unreachable (DualShockers)
13-05-19 (14:55)   Top 10 UK Games Chart: PS4's Days Gone Tops Chart For Third Consecutive Week (GameSpot)
13-05-19 (14:14)   Rage 2 Review (IGN.com)
13-05-19 (14:06)   Where is our Rage 2 review? (Eurogamer.net)
13-05-19 (14:00)   UK Daily Deals: New Alienware Area 51m with GeForce RTX 2070 from 2235 in Dell's 72 Hour Flash Sale (IGN.com)
13-05-19 (12:15)   Ghost Recon Breakpoint's Map Is As Big As Wildlands' (GamingBolt)
13-05-19 (12:10)   Mortal Kombat, Days Gone, World War Z Top Sony's PS4 Game Download Charts in April (Gadgets 360)
13-05-19 (12:01)   Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Earthblood Confirmed for E3 2019 (GamingBolt)
13-05-19 (11:44)   Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Pops Up In Former Rockstar Employee's Resume (GamingBolt)
13-05-19 (11:01)   Days Gone Still On Top In Latest Japanese Sales Charts (GamingBolt)
13-05-19 (09:44)   Observation Wiki - Everything You Need To Know About The Game (GamingBolt)
13-05-19 (02:43)   Ask Our Rage 2 Reviewer Anything (IGN.com)
13-05-19 (01:10)   Top New Game Releases On Switch, PS4, Xbox One, And PC This Week -- May 12-18 2019 (GameSpot)
13-05-19 (00:52)   A Hat in Time Adds the Nyakuza Metro and an Online Party Mode in New Update (DualShockers)
12-05-19 (23:43)   The Week In Games: Despite All My Rage 2 (Kotaku)
12-05-19 (22:14)   I Love My Beautiful Bike, The Only Friend I Have In Days Gone (Kotaku)

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